View Full Version : TBS showing "Only the Lonely" and OLD COMISKEY w/exploding scoreboard

09-07-2001, 01:46 PM

If you turn on the Turner Network right now they are showing "Only the Lonely" with the late John Candy, and you can see Old Comiskey in all its glory..

Wow am I glad I tore that piece of garbage down and heeded the fans wishes by building a new park which in no way resembles the old one....(well I was kind of forced to put the pinwheels on the new scoreboard, but they had to pay me to do that)

Years from now the entire universe will recognize me for the supreme genius I am....

I just wanted to let you know about "only the Lonely" but for now I'm running back to my office and continue my media boycott and dont try to call me cause I wont return your calls...Besides me and Krause have to finish polishing off the two dozen we just orderded from Krispy Kreme...

In the meantime, you can talk to Pizer for now...Hes one of the investors that recently said...."Phase II of Comiskey renovations are under way....we listened to our fans and this is what they want".....I love that guy...he really knows how to spread the bull**** around.....everyone knows, thats the last thing we would do is listen to what the fans think...If we did, we might have had to build a retro looking park like in Baltimore, Milwaukee, SanFransisco or Cleveland....what a huge mistake that would have been, everyone knows those parks are notoriously empty....quite unlike my new Masterpiece at 35th and Shields.....