View Full Version : Phone Call

02-04-2004, 11:46 AM
Phone call that more than likely took place today:

Ring, Ring, Ring

Eddie: Hello?

Jerry: Hi Eddie....it's Jer. Nice interview in the Daily Southtown,

Eddie: Thanks, Jer. But I don't know, it's getting more and more
difficult to take on some of those questions. I don't know
how much longer we can cry "poor mouth", put a mediocre
product on the field....and still be liked.

Jerry: Easy now, little guy. Remember,we don't want to be liked,
we want to be rich.

Eddie: Oh yeah.....I keep forgetting. But don't we owe it to the
fans to try to bring them a winner?

Jerry: C'mon, Eddie. No we don't. Besides, it's been working for
the Cubs for years.

Eddie: But I don't think Sox fans are as gullible as Cub fans.

Jerry: Sure they are......they get a little upset once in a while,
but we'll alway draw our million three. And remember.....
our tax guys told us to stay somewhere near that figure.

Eddie: Thanks for reminding me of the plan, Jer. Sometimes I
think you're the only friend I got.

Jerry: I am......and as long as we've got each other...to hell
with everybody else. Take care, little guy.