View Full Version : Any news?

E Coast Sox Fan
01-13-2004, 02:32 PM
Now that the Major League retreat weekend has passed, is there another time that trades/roster moves normally occur prior to Spring Training?

I'm not sure at this point that a deal is in the team's best interest, but I still think that we could use some help in the starting rotation at Shortstop. If we can't re-sign Maggs, it would make sense to move him to another team to get a player signed to longer term deal or some package of players (i.e. RF/CF/StartingP and/or prospect :putitontheboard s).

01-13-2004, 02:38 PM
I assume that when the Cubs sign Maddux that there will be more news about how little we've done this offseason... My real fear though is that the Cubs break the bank and bring in Maddux and IROD... then I'll wish that comiskey had those extra few rows, so when I jump off it in protest I'll be sure not to make it!