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09-04-2001, 03:23 PM
OK, this may be out of the blue but I was just thinking about it.

Is it just me or have the Cardinals and Sox season stories been strangely similar this year? Check out how interchangeable they have been so far.

Both teams won their divisions last year and came into this year hoping to do the same. At the start of the year a last-place team (Cubs/Twins) that plays in a terrible stadium (Twinkie dome/Wrigley) comes out of nowhere and takes over first. A team that has won the division before but missed the playoffs last year (Houston/Tribe) takes over second. The worst to first team (Cubs/Twins) starts to falter and falls to second. Meanwhile the Cards/Sox struggle early, get into contention for a while but just can't quite seem to make it over that last hump.

I guess the only thing that remains to be seen is the ending. Division champs? Second in division? Wildcard? For the Sox second place may be the best we can hope for this year. The Cards still have a shot at the wild card and second place both. Possibly the division still.

That would be a bittersweet victory though, Sox in second, Cubs in third...