View Full Version : How many available roster spots ?

12-20-2003, 10:27 AM
Is it possible that of the 25 spots for the opening day roster that there are still 8 spots available ? Barring a trade , and if we non-tender Schoenweiss , can it be possible that at this relatively late date that we are still looking for 2 starters , 3 relievers (maybe 2 if you pencil in Danny Wright) , and the 3 bench players ?

If you take the starting 9 as it exists today and add S. Alomar and Uribe to the bench , what does the rest of the bench look like? Who am I forgetting ? Possibly Borchard but who else ? Is Reed ready ? I think he will start the season at AAA .

Any guesses as to who fills out the bullpen ? The rest of the bench ? The non-tender list from the rest of baseball may be as important for us right now as it has been in a long time .

12-20-2003, 10:44 AM

This is the depth chart of players we have under contract (except Schoenweis)

12-20-2003, 11:03 AM
So much hinges on what happens to guys like Maggs. If Maggs is dealt, look for Reed and/or Borchard to be called up..... especially if a deal for another OF isn't made.

Uribe will be a utility IF. KW will, more than likely, have to deal for someone to be '04's Brian Daubach (Gload?).

I think Schoenweiss is all but a lock on this pathetic Organization's SP staff..... unless JR outbids Baltimore or another MLB team for Ponson's services. I look for Wright to start the season in the BP as long reliever. That leaves a BP spot for, IMO, Pacheco and one or two other minor league arms.

This, of course, could be surprisingly different and less minor leaguer laden if JR would add just $10 million to the payroll. But what do I know. JR's been operating this Organization in the red for 20+ years with no profit to show for it.