View Full Version : "Potential benefit to player"

12-18-2003, 06:55 AM
Interesting article on the take of law prof. Paul Finkelman

Curt Flood Case-- Allowed for a player to determine where he wanted to play.

The basic agreement, union/owners, contains the "potential benefit to players" clause, it doesn't mention money. Does A-Rod benefit by going to Boston?

From the Boston Globe:
Finkelman indicated the issue of "actual or potential benefit" could face a considerable challenge in arbitration. Rodriguez, for instance, could reap a number of intangible benefits by fulfilling his desire to play for the Sox rather than the Rangers.

"It strikes me that there may be a huge benefit in playing for the Red Sox when it means that you're playing every year for a real pennant contender," Finkelman said. "It's especially huge if the alternative is to rot in Arlington, Texas, for the rest of your life."