View Full Version : What I'd Do With Nomar

12-17-2003, 12:37 PM
Wow! There's a lot to digest floating around out there right now. It seems that there is reasonable certainty that if/when the A-Rod for Manny deal goes down, the Sox will trade Maggs for Nomar and Williamson. Assuming that all happens, the question then becomes, what next - as the Sox will have two SSs, sorely lacking pitching and a hole in RF. And they will not have trimmed the payroll, either.

I, for one, would have no problem with then flipping Nomar to the Dodgers for Perez, Mota and Miller. Perez is solid with a high ceiling, Mota is a stud and so is Miller. Netting all those guys (plus Williamson) for Maggs would be a coup. But before I did that deal, I'd talk to the Angels.

They also are rumored to be interested in Nomar, and I think they could put together an even better package than the Dodgers. In particular, Washburn, F-Rod and Kennedy. I'm not sure that they'd do it, but maybe they would - particularly if the Sox sweetened the deal with a prospect or two. That move would also save the Sox cash (perhaps to open the door to acquire another starter or a RF'er). The Sox would then have the following roster:

2B Kennedy
LF Lee
1B Frank
RF Everett
3B Crede
SS Valentin
DH Konerko
CF Rowand
C Olivo



Or substitute Reed for Everett and Ponson for Rauch. In either event, I think that team is good enough to win the Central - best rotation and best bullpen in the division and the line-up could be damn good too (assuming Crede improves and PK rebounds at least somewhat).