View Full Version : Mediocre division

12-09-2003, 12:28 PM
The AL Central is shaping up to be the crappiest and most winable division, even for a bad team like the Sox. But I don't want to, once again, give ourselves the title and then sleep all season only to have the Royals or Twins take it away.

Now is the time to load up, pummel a crappy division, and win by 10-15 games. Then march to the playoffs and hopefully win a series. The way we've been talking, it's like we'll stumble ass-backwards into the postseason and get swept by a good team.

It's very possible that we could win just as a result of playing these 3 other bad teams all the time, but the organization isn't going anywhere in the postseason with this current team. This should be a big concern and not an excuse for staying in neutral all over again.