View Full Version : Risk the Money

11-26-2003, 08:41 PM
After looking at Baseball America's web site a crazy idea has come to mind. It has been talked about keeping the core of this team intact. Free agent rankings have Colon, Gordon, Everett, and R Alomar as type A free agents. Sullivan as a B. Type A if lost, the losing team receives a first(if not top 15, 2nd if so) and a supplemental pick after the first round. Type B has the same pick rules but no supplemental. Dec 7 is the deadline to offer arbitration in order to get compensation for lost free agents. What if we did offer arbitration to all our free agents? If we lose them we get two high picks for each player lost. If they stay they lose the security of a multi year deal and have to bust their but this coming year to appear atractive next year. I realize in these economic times if all accepted our payroll could jump, but if you have to rebuild how would a possible six (5 plus our own) and 4 supplemental picks in the first 1-2 rounds help. This could create a wave of new players coming in with our current maturing minors. Don't get me wrong, I would rather compete now but I want a World Series win not just division. What would our payroll be if we had to arbitrate?

11-26-2003, 09:23 PM
I think it would be stupid not to give arbitration to Gordon because he'll ask for too much and the Sox'd win