View Full Version : Heartless Effort

Viva Magglio
09-01-2001, 11:06 PM
That game tonight was yet another heartless effort. While we did manage to score two runs in the fifth inning, we either squandered prime scoring opportunities or just went through the motions before and after.

I have so had it with Ray Durham. I know he is not why we lost tonight, but I am so sick of our leadoff hitter batting .263 and not being able to catch grounders going to his right. When is Sandy's little brother a free agent?

I generally liked the pitching we got tonight which received no meaningful run support. We got a decent performance from Jon Garland, and Kip Wells has been quite effective out of the bullpen. Too bad our batters decided to just go through the motions after Kip struck out Jim Thome with the bases loaded.

I think we are out of this race. The only reason I say we are is because that is what our players believe. They proved it to me in the field tonight.