View Full Version : Millwood to accept arbitration?

11-22-2003, 12:15 PM
Here's a quote from ESPN:

"Millwood still is seeking a five- to seven-year deal, and the Phillies aren't interested in committing to more than three. Unless agent Scott Boras can convince another team to make that kind of offer, Millwood likely will settle for accepting arbitration (assuming the Phillies offer it) and earning something like $13 million next year, then trying free agency again."

Millwood's decision might provide evidence that the free agent market, even for pitchers, isn't as good as originally thought. I guess Escobar was able to get a deal done since his deal is relatively cheap compared to what the "big name" pitcher might get.

I know earlier someone brought up the possibility of Colon accepting arbitration with the Sox. I would assume that his arbitration figure won't be much different from the $13 million Millwood would supposedly earn. My question then is, given our financial constraints, would the Sox even want to tie up $13 million in a starting pitcher?

If the rumor that JR included deferred payments and only $7 mil of current money is true, this would undoubtedly force even more moves from the Sox. Wouldn't it be better to not offer arbitration and just hope to sign him to a 3yr/$36M deal that was previously offered.

Also, if Escobar was able to get $6M per year, what does that do to Ponson? He's probably better than Escobar but not on the level of Colon/Millwood. I thought he might be a $7 million per year player, but I would assume that now goes up.