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11-22-2003, 01:24 AM
As it appears there is little to discuss lately, lack of news and what not, I had given quite some thought to packages of trades that the Sox might try, and the most 'daring' and blockbuster item I could come up with is this:

CF Jim Edmonds
SS Edgar Renteria
RF JD Drew*
SP Danny Haren
SP Chris Narveson*

RF Maggs Ordonez
SS Jose Valentin#
1B Paul Konerko
SP Mark Buehrle*

Ok, first I know two thoughts already in your head: a) supposedly some of these names are "untouchables" on both sides and b) why are we trading Buehrle? I shall try and break down my reasoning (if any other than to spark discussion). Just remember I simply developed a scenario for fellow Sox fans to look at and see, if in whatever alternate world this were ever true, they would go for it.

The White Sox get a big, left-handed stick and GG-caliber OF to man CF through '06/'07 (option on '07) for a relatively inexpensive cost ('04: $9.0; '05: $10.0; '06 $12.0; '07 $10.0). They also get one of the top 3 SS's in the game, both offensively and defensively for $8.0; a left-handed 'power' bat to patrol RF once Maggs is gone (and trade payroll equalizer); and two top young pitching prospects in Haren -- who blazed through AA and AAA before making a handful of starts at the bigs in '03 -- and Narveson, a solid left-handed SP prospect currently in AA. The Sox get those left-handed bats in a right-handed saddled lineup as well. With the trade of players and slight cash amount being sent to St. Louis, the Sox actually trim off $6,000,000 in payroll as well.
Wildcard(s) in this trade for the Sox: Drew ever living up to potential? Haren showing ML-level dominance that he did at mid-level minors? Sox able to pick up a FA pitcher for $6.0 or feel comfortable putting the young guns in with Loaiza?

The Cardinals get one of the better RF in the game to have possibly the best pairing of corner OF's in the game (Pujols/Ordonez), get some pop and team leadership to put at their SS position, get a hopefully rebounded Konerko to play 1B w/ Martinez now gone, and get their prodigal son, Buehrle, in their rotation. The Cardinals actually add on a bit of salary, but with the addition of Buehrle to their rotation, probably wouldn't mind an extra few million on their payroll.
Wildcard(s) in this trade for the Cardinals: Will Konerko return to form? Can they extend Magg's contract for around what they would have been paying Edmonds? Will Haren actually develop into a better pitcher than Buehrle? Is $6,000,000 to the payroll a viable option?

Anyhoo, call it pipedreaming, call it what you will. This is what I present -- not what the management presents. Enjoy or trash, your call. =}

11-22-2003, 08:27 AM
and you want the Sox to finish where---drew is too injury prone and edmunds while agreat outfielder is getting old--you dont trade maggs and konerko bith this year unless you want to gut the team--let alone valentin

11-22-2003, 08:37 AM
Gutting? Ok...

11-22-2003, 08:51 AM
I love the effort you put into this. Personally, it sounds reasonable. Your proposal upgrades the team up the middle both offensively and defensively. But, it will never happen.

This team to contend will need pitching and alot of it. JR thinks he can contend with 60 million payroll......if that is the case, the term "gutting" would be an understatement.

11-22-2003, 04:04 PM
i don't see how a trade like that would do any good. renteria is good, but he's only worth buerhle or maggs indivdually. edmonds provides a temporary one year solution (if he's healthy) to a problem that has been lingering ever since the lance johnson days.