View Full Version : The Venezualan Angle

11-14-2003, 08:15 AM
Both Ozzie and Maggs are Venezualan and are heroes down there. If I'm KW, I give Maggs' phone number to Ozzie and have him play up the Venezualan angle big time - you know, it'll be great for the homeland, I want to succeed as the first Venezualan manager and I need you to be here, etc., etc. Maybe Ozzie can get him to come to his senses and agree to a reasonable contract extension (that includes some $ deferred for '04).

11-14-2003, 10:50 AM
Or they can trade Ordonez and Valentin to LA for an Ozzie-clone Venezualan SS and a starting pitcher.

Or they can trade a package including Ordonez to Seattle for a package including a Venezualan SS named "Guillen" and a starting pitcher.

IMHO, a trade is far more likely than an extention with deferred payments. If I'm Maggs, I play out my deal. If the Sox keep me, I want to see where the organization is headed before committing to another 3+ years. If they trade me, they've already answered that question, and I'm still a FA at the end of the season.