View Full Version : 2004 Budget..

11-13-2003, 03:15 PM
Right now The Sox are going over their 2004 budget. Pondering what they can and cannot afford, or more accurately what they WILL pay for players. They are supposedly constrained by an "estimated" $60 MIL budget. That is of course what all teams do,in a small market. So they are going to have to get rid of one of their best players, because he is a payroll liability. They cannot go after big name FA like Irod, or Petite....blah blah... because of their budget.

Well I am going to be going over my finances and 2004 budget. And if The White Sox and their owner don't put together a competitive team together for 2004. They might not make it into my 2004 budget. I think a boat, a few more trips to Great America, or maybe that cruise to The Bahamas would be more well-spent.