View Full Version : New exciting era for White Sox baseball!

11-04-2003, 09:23 PM
I think Ozzie is like a breath of fresh air for this organization. It's so refreshing to hear someone come in and say what he feels. Not what he thinks the boss wants to hear.

His comments about the players are right on target. We are all held accountable in our jobs. Why not the players? Play ball hard and play ball smart or you don't play. That seems pretty cut and dried. I understand it and I hope most of the players do too.

Let's not forget what he walked into. A team with the most talent in the divsion who has not won a big meaningful game in 3 years!They need someone to read them the riot act and I think Ozzie is that person. He's his own man and these days that is good enough for me.

So instead of bashing him let's get behind him and take this town by storm!!! We're going to have a much improved ballpark next year and hopefully a much improved attitude on the field. To me this can only transfer into a positive when compared to lifeless baseball we've been watching for the last couple years.

Viva Ozzie!
Viva Joey Cora!
Viva White Sox!!!