View Full Version : Question not asked at Ozzie's press conference..........

Medford Bobby
11-04-2003, 11:23 AM
Finally watched the taped press conference of Ozzie's hiring, and I was surprised that most of the questions were pretty lame..."What colour will the sky be over The Cell in your world".....Any way the one question I would have asked Ozzie would be this ............" Ozzie, Medford Bobby, WSI thread writer....Welcome back to the White Sox, Ozzie you mentioned your relationship with former White Sox and Marlin manager Jeff Torberg, and how he gave you a chance to be a third base coach for the Marlins.....when Jeff was fired by the Marlins and replaced by Jack McKeon, what did you see change with Marlins team chemistry, as some one who aspired to be a future manager, what was the one thing you seen happen that took the club from under .500, to a World Series title......What do you think Jeff was doing wrong, and what did McKeon change in the attitude???

Ok, it's long but there isn a message here that I hope Ozzie picked up on that he can change with the White Sox......... :gulp:

:boston " I would have asked Ozzie if he would have pulled Pedro in the 7th inning, and would have brought in Dave Stapleton for defensive purposes in Game 6 back in 1986"