View Full Version : Buehrle and Colon

10-29-2003, 07:58 AM
I would love to have kept Colon at a reasonable price, around 8 million. I know that was a pipe dream when he knew Yankee/Red Sox dollars are out there. He was a workhorse this year and I thank him for that, but many of his numbers are trending up and his size makes a long term contract a risk. If he were to continue to slide he could become untradeable and consume a large portion of team budget possibly leading to not having money to lock up Buehrle. How many 13 million dollar a year pitchers do you think we can afford? Though unpopular the Sox were proven right a lot when large long term contracts to pitchers are reviewed.(Alvarez, Hernandez, McDowell) I would have loved to keep all of them at the time. Many complaints about Konerko/Koch today could be Colon tomorrow. Sign Buehrle to a reasonable longer term deal to build staff around and move on to other pitching scenarios. I wish we had a 100 million budget but when you don't you have to be very careful,lucky, or good. I'm not sure we are more than 1 of those.