View Full Version : Kevin Towers on last nights Game.

10-16-2003, 01:55 PM
Kevin Towers is the GM for the San Diego Parades. This chat was done before the games began yesterday. The following is an exerpt taken form Baseball Prospectus chat with Kevin yesterday.
The complete transcript can be found here http://www.baseballprospectus.com/chat/chat.php?chatId=18

Blake T. (Chicago, IL): Mr. Towers, Any thoughts on the games tonight? As a corollary, how much do GMs keep an eye on what other teams do, especially in the postseason after you've been eliminated? Do you spend more of your time watching your farm system? Thanks for chatting.

Kevin Towers: I like the Fish over the Cubbies, I dont know how much K. Wood has left in the tank. Cubs need to score early to have any kind of a chance. If they dont get on the scoreboard early I think their spincters will slam shut! I have to go with the Yanks at home with Pettitte on the mound. He's one of the premier big game pitchers in baseball, especially at home.

One of the most important parts of a GM's job is to know their own farm system inside and out. I spend a lot of time both in season and in the off season watching and evaluating our players and other organization's farm systems.