View Full Version : Gentlemen, let us learn from the Cubs and WIN

10-16-2003, 12:27 AM
Guys, in a strange sadistic way I am happy tonight. It's just not the true thing --- our beloved Sox haven't won crap, and I'm still disappointed. I hate Cub FANS, and that is why I am indifferent about what the actual Cubs do on the field. It's a tough distinction, but the Cub fans should count their blessings, because they were lucky to be even in the position of winning a pennant. Their team wasn't good enough, it was a sham to think that they even were that close.

The point of this whole diatribe is that although this is a temporary good thing because of how fed up we are with the Cubs, the attention they get, and how they have the WORST fans, THE WHITE SOX FAN in me is still aching, BIG TIME.

This could have been OUR YEAR. We were better than they were, and look how far we got. What can we learn? Starting pitching and a GOOD manager (hear that JR>?) can get you a long way. I know that the Cubs will be back. Will someone tell this to cheapy boy Reinie?!!!! How can he keep doing this to us! Hire some good people, or sell the @#$@#$@# team!

We have gone through so much more agony. WE DESERVE better. If this man doesn't sell, I fear we have no chance. Unbearable, yes, it is.

I hope good comes out. Jerry, you are going to lose the city, lose everything, if you don't try to win IMMEDIATELY. The Cubs will be back. Will we? That remains to be seen.

What I still don't understand though, Chairman, is how good it feels to make an EXTRA 10-20 MIL here or there? What does it mean if you can't win? WINNING is everything, you can only do so much with houses and cars. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.

Enough. The Cubs will be back. We better learn from them.