View Full Version : Cubs lose, Cubs lose

10-15-2003, 10:50 PM
With all honesty, let's talk about the Cubs loss tonight, no nonsense:

Why in the world does Dusty Baker hit for Karos in the 9th? Randall Simon could have hit the ball to the moon, the Cubs are still down by 1! Then, Backo goes up there and swings at the first pitch near the plate! Hey, you're down 3 runs, take a pitch!!!!! Or 2 or 3!!!!!! Nicely done, Dusty. You make Jerry look like a big league manager. Nice control over your players, nice substitutions.

Seriously guys, save the "Cause they're the Flubs" or "Cause they suck" comments, what about the purely baseball side to this collapse? Talk about crumbling in the heat...