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10-15-2003, 02:36 PM
I don't think anyone has posted about the poll on whitesox.com, asking who should be the next manager of the White Sox. There are four guys we know are candidates (one of whom is Backman, who apparently is no longer a candidate), and then there are two names I thought curious to be on the official Web site: Carlton Fisk and Jim Leyland. Fisk currently leads the poll with 35%, with Guillen in 2nd around 28-, 29%.

Does anyone else think this may mean the organization is at least considering, and perhaps courting Fisk and Leyland for the position? I certainly didn't think this was going to be the case, and part of me still doesn't, but it's odd that those two are mentioned on an official poll if they're not at least being talked to. I realize KW doesn't do the Web site polls, but you have to believe someone in the organization saw the poll before it was posted.


10-15-2003, 02:43 PM
Oh, brother... I'm glad to see the guys at the official site are right on top of what Sox Fans want. WSI did the exact same poll over a week ago.

Here were the results:

1. Tony LaRussa, narrowly edging Carlton Fisk.
3. Cito Gaston
4. Ozzie Guillen
5. Anybody but Terry Bevington

Let me guess. The official site didn't list that last option, did they?

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