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10-14-2003, 07:23 AM
Courtesy of MarlinBaseball.com, here's a post that'll inspire even the strongest doubters...

I believe!!

I've believed since 1993 when Charlie Hough threw a strike to open the Inagural season of the Florida Marlins.

I've believed during the 1994 season when all went down the toilet when Baseball went on strike.

I've believed when I first saw players like Kevin Brown, Kurt Abbott, Charles Johnson and so many others that have worn that Teal and Black uniform!

I've believed when Rob Nen almost blew the lead in that first game against the Cubs during the 1997 season. A win by our favorite team that day!

I've believed when in Montreal, the Marlins won the NL Wild Card for the first first time and I've believe when they won the NL Pennant and World Series Championship in an amazing 7 games, 11 innings marathon!

I've believed when all of our Championship players like Alou, Sheffield, Brown and my favorite, Jeff Conine were traded away to sell to a President that would never come up with the money!
I've believe when I saw those remaining players get their Championship ring and then go on to lose that day.
I've believed through the entire 1998 season when we lost 108 games and had a Minor League team impersonate our World Champions!

I've believed when A.J Burnett threw his first no hitter and when I first saw Mike Lowell come up to bat for the very first time.

I've believed when ownership was falling apart, attendance was down, and there were no more hot dogs.

I've believed in a lot of things in the 11 years of watching Florida Marlins baseball....but I have never, AND I MEAN NEVER, believed in a team so much as I do these 25 guys! I believe in Mike Lowell and Jeff Conine and D-Lee and Cabs and Becket and D-Train and the whole friggin team!


Let's keep showing our support for the Marlins...and may they pull a 1984 on the Cubs and win the N.L. Pennant.

10-14-2003, 08:14 AM
If the Marlins make the Series, that would be THE STORY
FOR THE AGES. man, im already getting goosebumps thinking
about it.

10-14-2003, 08:29 AM
Charlie Hough...never thought I would hear his name and believe in the same sentence! Now that puts a smile on my face! I believe in Carl Pavano!

Go Fish!