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08-30-2001, 03:08 PM
Just looked at the Hall Fame section of the page. I thought of seeing if PHG or FWC could start a Hall of Shame. I think this hall maybe more fitting for a Sox fan, as now we can laugh at Sox past mistakes. I would first like to nominate Royce Clayton for SS and Steve Sax for 2B.

The Offical Logo of the WSI Hall of Shame:


08-30-2001, 05:04 PM
lets do this
outfielders----Claudell, Redus and the idiot who played left in the late 80s--he started with Atlanta
ss- Luis Alvarado--yes he WAS actually afraid of a groud ball
2b- Cora
1b--Kruk--a great player but toast when he was with us
DH- Cory Snyder and George Foster
c-Joel Skinner--worse than Paul
SP- Navarro
SP- Bere
SP- Baldwin
SP- Shawn Hillegas
SP-Eric King
RP--Cy Acosta
RP- Bob James--exept for one season
RP-Dave Weirmeister
RP- Alan Embree--I know hes been doing better but its only Detroit
RP-Ernesto Escarraga
RP- Salome Barojas
RP-Dennis Lamp
I have an 11 man staff and really needed more than that
MGR--Sleepy Bevington