View Full Version : 2003 PTC Winner

10-01-2003, 01:11 AM
Congratulations ScottyTheSoxFan on. Looks like those small unmarked bills paid off after all.

Scotty takes them title with 26 points.
Chiwhitesox1337 finishes 1 point behind with 25 points.
Soxfan7070 rounds out the top 3 with 22 points.

Enjoy your Hamms. :gulp: :smile:

10-01-2003, 08:28 AM
Ah, Hamms... the breakfast of champions for over 100 years!

Congratulations, Scotty. Yours was truly a fine achievement for which you will receive your just rewards... from the land of sky blue waters... Hamms.


I'll send your prize out right away. Contact me with your address at george@whitesoxinteractive.com to claim your prize. Stuffing those 24 cans into 24 separate envelopes is the tricky part.

As for the rest of you who participated in this year's contest, I can only say I'm terribly disappointed in your effort. You're all losers--worthless and weak. I expected much more from you... and so did Victor E. Banana.

:bandance: :bandance: :bandance:
"You guys never should have picked Paniaqua last month, or Cotts in NYC!"