View Full Version : This manager stuff...

09-30-2003, 12:30 AM
There's absolutely no way we can settle on a rookie manager if we're serious about winning next year. We can't have on the job training this upcoming season (although with JM, it seems like every year was on the job training). This would eliminate Wally Backman and Ozzie Guillen from contention, IMO.

Second, please, no proven losers. I've heard "Buddy Bell" coupled with "White Sox managerial candidate" enough to last me a life-time. This would be almost criminally stupid. How can you expect a manager that has only marginally broke .500 once in his career to lead a team into the playoffs? You can't... Obviously there will always be exceptions to every rule but if the Sox are committed to going "balls out" next year then they can't make a gamble like that.

And as I've been reading some of the reports on LaRussa remaining with the Cardinals, I've been less and less excited about the new manager. Even with names like Cito Gaston and Bobby V there's always an area of doubt. Gaston's had some really good players on his Toronto teams and the overall talent on the Sox isn't close in my mind. I'm not exactly sold on his abilities as a manager, either. I think Valentine's Mets team that went to the WS wasn't particularly talented so I think he is a manager that can get a lot out of his teams. With that said, I've also seen his teams completely underachieve and implode the last few years.

Outside of LaRussa and Joe Torre, there's really no clear cut choice.