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09-27-2003, 03:26 AM
Crede, Olivo, Reed, Borchard = 1 -1.5 million total
Assume Jose and Robbie resign = 5 million total (6 Overall)
Frank = 6 million (12 operall)
Mags = 14million (26 overall)
C. Lee = 6.5 million estimated (32.5 overall)
Thats 32.5 wrapped in the lineup assuming you deal Paulie and assuming you go with 2 rookies and get a nice paycut for Jose and Robbie

IMO thats best case scenario right there

Buerhle will get a big raise (6.5?), Loaiza will get 3.5, Odalis Perez(No Garland?) 4.5 is working for scale Thats 14-15 million in 3 starters

Colon -8 million

So lets go with 56 million as a round number

Koch 6.25
Sullivan 3.1(Not coming back, too high a number)
Gordon 2.5
Marte, Wunch, Ginter, Wright = 1-1.5 million
Schoneweis as 5th starter (Shudder) would be like 1.5 million(ship his ass elsewhere or keep him for the bullpen if Sullivan is gone)
10 million or so?

So 66 + lets say 3 million for bench players and thats 69 million

Maybe throw in Jay Payton -3 million? 70 million or so for Payroll?

I would think that would be doable, but no Konerko

Still looking like Mags could be the guy to go

09-27-2003, 03:35 AM
Just for my amusement

I have the payroll at 73 million or so
Now assume you deal Mags....what you get is the big ?
C- Olivo Scale
1B-Thomas 6 million
2B- Robbie 2.4 million
SS??? - Jose? 2.4 million
3B - Crede Scale
OF- C. Lee 6.5-7 million
OF- Jay Payton 3 million
OF- Reed? FA?
DH- Reed? Daubauch? Borchard?
22 million with some ???

SP-Buerhle 6.5
SP- Loiaza 3.5
SP Perez 4-5
SP Colon 8-10 million
Sp- Schoneweiss (Shudder) 1.5
26.5 worst case?

So thats 48.5 right there

Koch 6.25
Flash 2.5
Marte, Ginter, Wunsh, Wright, ? 2 million total
Bullpen = 11 million
+ 3 million for the bench = 62.5 million Payroll BUT it doesn't figure in what we get for Mags

If you deal him to SD and get the SS that saves you about 2 million, and Nady in RF would save some money...Nick Johnson from the Yankees is also cheap and would be a good value and chances are you could get your 5th starter too(a good 4th or 5th type)...>That puts you at about 60 million dollars with a pretty damn nice team

09-27-2003, 06:57 AM
The team as is right now, if we paid all of the salaries of Robby Alomar, and Everett would be 70MM, which would be the middle of the pack for MLB. But as you know we are not responsible for the 9 MM for Everett or the 7+ for Alomar. Minnesota has a current payroll of 67MM, without the benefit of a "large market" and the lease we have.

The Sox need to bring excitment to the 2004 team this off season to increase the season ticket base. Personally, I think it is a farce to constantly worry about the budget of the team, when your in a large market, have your competitor to the north in the same market building something and your still worrying about a small market budget. It is impossible to think this team would lose money even with a 80MM payroll based on the lease, tv ect.

Whats the old saying build it and they will come. I would just like to see a 2004 version of the Sox with more fire and passion.