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09-24-2003, 09:25 AM
hes a reporter for FOX news here. Had the pleasure of meeting this guy a few months ago, at a bar downtown late one nite. My buddy recognized him, and we ended up drinking beers late into the nite, and chatting. My buddy liked our conversation, because I ripped HIM, his station, and all the other chicago media here for their obvious and blatant Favoritism of the cubs. I remarked how if its a sox story, its always going to be Negative.
Also, and this IS THE FUNNY PART, I TOLD him how I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CANT STAND how him and the media make much ado about "how cub fans are everywhere, they follow the team". Nothing was made of the huge contingent of Sox fans that were in LosAngeles, or Detroit or Clevland this year.
Nor, was there a "special pre-game" report on all of the SOX fans that went to KC earlier this season either. He went on to say that its not as bad as we think, but that the majority of people like the cubs "because its more fun". He said the Media doesnt paint a Rosier, Bluer pictureI told him by the MEDIA making ado of all the Cub "fans" "EVERYWHERE", makes it look like we dont have fans, and makes others care about the blue team more. WELL, guess what angered me last nite.
FOX did a special on the "home field" advantage the cubs had.
He used a Kiley strategy by TELLLING baker what he thought of all the cub fans in the stands, and was it an advantage. Of course, no chance for Moses to do any thinking, so he said it was great. Kiley would then use that quote and say "Baker Loves home-field advantage on road" or some other bs like that. According to Plackos math, Cincy had 2/3 cub fans in the park, announced att was about 27,000. CIncy Red sources say they had a huge walkup crowd of 5,000 which was most likely all the cub fans. Placko said 2/3 of the place was cub fans, making the difference either 18,000 flub fans, or 5,000 flub fans. The Chicago Media, never one to let FACTS get in the way of a Feel Good Story, said it was 2/3 or 18,000. Nice. These are just one of the many many many reasons why the Sox are in the situation they are. F placko, cant wait to have a drink with him again.