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09-23-2003, 10:54 PM
In retrospect, I'd have to say yes. Watching Paulie ground into yet another DP in the 9th (gee, sounds like a broken record), I started thinking back to those Sox squads from the early '90s. You know what we had then that we don't have now: speed. While that may not be news on this board, I keep thinking to a typical Sox inning: Raines singles steals 2nd, Cora bunts him to 3rd, Frank doubles in the gap to drive him in, Ventura lines one down the line, so on and so forth. I didn't want to believe that having such a power laden lineup would work against us. The Twinkies (How I hate those sons of buttholes) showed that if you throw 3 pitchers with decent offspeed stuff, you can make the best power hitter look vulnerable. Speed also helps in the field. Watching this game tonight made me miss players like Raines, Cora, One Dog, & Ozzie. The pitching, while definitely not on par with the McDowell/Fernandez/Bere/Alvarez rotation wasn't too bad this year, & the bullpen was a liability at crucial times. But with being one dimensional on offense, & strictly relying on the long ball, I wonder if we were screwed before we started. Guess they'll have the entire offseason to ponder that. Doggone it, let 9/29 get here as soon as possible so at least I can watch the Bears (even if they lose too). I can't take baseball for another minute. :(:

09-23-2003, 11:01 PM
Its not too much power that is the problem

its Alomar, Alomar 2 and PK

09-23-2003, 11:08 PM
Originally posted by SouthBendSox
Its not too much power that is the problem

its Alomar, Alomar 2 and PK

Alomar 1 was mainly there for defensive purposes, and any offense we got out of him was a bonus. Alomar 2 was there mainly to tutor Olivo (who needs to spend the entire offseason learning to hit) and handle Buerhle/Wright. PK: I don't have a reason for him. I guess he was just bad.

What this team needs is speed. Speed and plenty of it.

Lip Man 1
09-24-2003, 12:02 PM
To think as recently as the early 90's the Sox had a lineup that included Guillen, Johnson, Sax and Cora. Those guys could run (although the early 90's Sox could have used one more big bat...)