View Full Version : Who Cares?

09-19-2003, 11:22 AM
Who cares more than we do?

No emotion on the field is often grossly overrated. Just cuz someone launches into a Ditkaesque tirade doesnt mean they care and just cuz someone is comatose and devoid of explosive fire doesn't mean they don't care. However, I think we had a leadership/emotional void on this team. Our best veteran players (and our highest priced ones) are guys who lead by example. They lead by hitting, running and (some of them) by playing defense. They are not rah rah guys or clubhouse guys. The team has no Mattingly-like "Captain" who everyone looks to for leadership.

I think everyone agrees that this is a flaw in Franks game - one that may forever keep him as one of the greatest hitters of all time, but not one of the greatest team players of all time. Mags, my favorite on this team, isn't this kind of guy either. Carlos, Paulie, blah blah blah... Everett is this kind of guy, but he was a late addition and isn't a team leader for this club.

Often this can come from a manager - needless to say - Jerry isn't that type of manager. (What type is he - you ask? A bad one - I say...)

Where does it come from next year? Who is our AJ Pryzingssdfdjski? Our Tori Hunter? Our Sweeney? Who is our coach on the field? Our motivator? Our leader? In the past we had Fisk, Ozzie, Harold... We had Soderholm, Lemon, Wood and Stone. We had Fox and Aparicio. Who do we have today? More importantly, who will we have tomorrow?