View Full Version : 2003 Sox Eulogy

09-19-2003, 11:14 AM
I only listened to the first couple of innings last nites game. Heard Rooney getting angry with the home plate umpires Strike Zone (3 straight strikes, were called balls, resulting in a walk, Colon was visibly angry with ump) the crowd cheers wildly, Farmer remarks that someone in the SOX dugout should come out and get in the Umps face and get themselves thrown out, to make the point known. The next pitch......was a HR, tying the game. Rooney, angered at the chain of events (the ump and manuel not protesting) said we'd be in for a long nite if Colon were to continue being "squeezed". Sure, Sox didnt help themselves by first pitch swinging at junk, and sure, we shouldve hit better. I had already expended my energy tues nite, knowing it was over, and JM isnt going to rally us. I turned the car radio to something else, and thought about the Eulogy for today. We got the worst luck ive seen this year, and we've had some very very poor umpiring working against us also (Crede HR fair by 5ft called foul for instance) My eulogy is that we were close, and had we had a little break here, a good call there, this couldve been something. this was an OK team, a team that couldve been STEERED much better had we had a different manager.
Only consolation I got last nite was hearing the SOX and Manuel getting RIPPED BIG TIME on sports radio last nite. ESPN this morning, usually a terrible morning show, filled with commercials, useless information, and sports facts read straight from the newspapers, gave the SOX a too little-too late Verbal Assault for the way this season ended. Mike Greenberg basically said this team should be in the playoffs, no excuse, and he expects Jerry Manuel to be Dismissed as early as 9/29. Im bummed, but at least we beat the Cubs 4-2, and shouldve Swept them.