View Full Version : Jerry Manuel-He Gone!

09-19-2003, 10:44 AM
Here's an e-mail I just sent to Boers and Bernstein. Hopefully, they'll read it. :
I liken the White Sox' situation to a parent giving their kid the keys to their Ferrari (or other expensive, top of the line car that you want). If the kid takes care of it, is a good driver, and knows what to do in certain situations, everything will be great. If, however, the kid doesn't take care of it, is a bad driver, and doesn't know what to do in certain situations, bad things gon' happen. Well, Jerry crashed that car and ran over a bunch of people along the way. The car's totaled and we can only hope to salvage some parts. Now, Kenny has to do whatever he can to get Frank to buy out his option and get the hell outta town. He'll have to be creative with contracts, get some young, fundamentally sound players in the system, and start the rebuilding process. Most importantly, he needs to send Hawk with a message to Jerry to tell him that "He Gone!"

09-19-2003, 11:27 AM
Watching all of the local newschannels and other media outlets reporting of the Sox untimely Demise last nite, All Of the Newscasts seemed somber, and ALL
REPORTED the Loss will ultimately cost Manuel his job, as soon as the season concludes. The Sox Received some of the longest, most worked on coverage last nite. Every channel. was nice, but WE NEEDED THIS FOCUS FROM THEM EARLY ON, when a REPLACEMENT COULDVE BEEN HAD. Hmmmmm, where the hell was the Media when it counted? Only the last month and a half, did the decide to cover us. NOW they see a story here, and think theyre the first with the SCOOP? Give me a freaking break. All of the newsreports were WEll Covered, well Written, and very well thought out. one guy pointed out losing the last 2 games of the Twin series last week as a sign of bad things to come. TOO BAD HE DIDNT REPORT THAT LAST WEEK. A little too busy following the cubs and karas film career. Was therapeutic to hear them getting lambasted.
What I didnt like last nite, was jackass cub fans calling the shows and gloating and saying how happy they were the sox were out of it, they didnt want the SOX in the world series, and talking about cub world series rotations. LETS GO ASTROS !!!!!!!