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09-19-2003, 09:18 AM
- we come up with the lamest excuses of any team out there; we play better against better teams, we didn't hit because we've never seen this guy before. All cop-outs.

- Olivo may be considered a great defensive catcher, but his inability to block balls in the dirt makes me think otherwise. Great arm though.

-for those that watched the entire game last night, Carlos Lee doing a running motion in the direction of Jerry Manuel signaling a possible pinch runner after Joe Crede walked was priceless. Yeah, JM you sure are mananging this team like you want to win. Actually, can't blame him for nodding off after that lackluster effort last night.

- Aaron Rowand at-bat sighting...until last night in the 9th inning, I thought the team pitched in to buy the kid a new dirtbike

- I can't stress enough that when there are expectations of this team, they go right in the tank. From the second half of 2000 to the present, every single time something was expected of these guys, choke. They just absolutely fold under the pressure.

-Aaron Miles, nice job.

-Frank Thomas, MVP? Not even close.

-13 innings from our starting pitchers in the Twins series. Bad.

- we will get a new manager in the offseason and we will be excited at first, but in the end, we will be wanting him run out of town too. Book it. It always happens.

- I suggest the black jersey for tonight's game. It would be fitting.

Any others? Thoughts?