View Full Version : Big Game Hunters

09-18-2003, 09:35 AM
Anyone else feel the same way I do?

Honestly, what good does it do when you play well for a certain part of the season, only to freeze up the ol' sphincter muscles in the biggest games of the season? Same goes for winning the division only to freeze in playoff games. What we've seen is a mirror image of our performance in the 2000 ALDS.

Frank Thomas.
Paul Konerko.
Jose Valentin.

(and Maggs, to a lesser extent.)

I'm half of the mind that the Sox might be better off cleaning major house this year, including most if not all of the above 3, and starting over. I seriously doubt we will ever win anything with Frank around as our DH. I value Frank as the best hitter to ever put on a White Sox uniform, but I think his days as a productive clutch hitter are gone.

This team has too many headcases. It's one thing to go 2 for 3 in a mid-July game against the Rangers; what I'd really like to see is someone go 2 for 3 in a late-September game against our division rivals, when we really, really need someone to step up.