View Full Version : Dave's Fenway report

09-14-2003, 08:27 AM
First time this year I've been able to bring my mojo to the ballpark and work it to help the Sox... how'd I do?? :D:

What a wicked pissah of a game, folks! Great to see Colon outdo that junkballer Wakefield from my perch on the infield roof. Aside from the obligatory run he gave up immediately after the Sox score, he was spot on, frustrating Manny et al. And we were pretty aggressive last night, particularly on defense. Nice to see.

We needed that start. So did our pen. A smattering of Boston fans applauded him at the end of the game, because they're thinking he's gonna be in their rotation next year. I've heard nothing of the sort, but if it's true the Red Sox want him, that makes him a lock for the Yankees and the million skillion dollars Steinbrenner will pay him... just to outbid Boston. We'd be foolish to let Big Bart go without a fight. As we know, that means we probably will...

The tone of the enemy fans from where I was sitting was almost respectful (well, for Boston). They hate having to face us while NY plays Tampa. As I mentioned above, Colon dazzles them. I feel they gave us some props for being a tough team. They acknowledged that we gifted it to them Friday.

I've often wished we knew how to hit a knuckleball, but we figured it out enough times to count. CLEE absolutely crushed that ball. I was hoping Thomas would connect once... or twice... but Wakefield clowns him bad. Frank's the last player to have hit 3 HR in a single game at Fenway; he did it in '98, though the WS still lost.

Today is going to be jumbo. While we've got our issues, Boston's going against the ropes too. The Yankees are teeing off on Tampa and the Mariners have heated up. Their WC lead is down to 1/2 game, and NY's magic # is down to 10. They will try to hit Buehrle hard today. But Nomahh's got the flu, and Trot's got the trots or something. Both teams MUST, MUST win this game. Only one can. Let's make it one for the good guys! :gulp:

Only hope we can get it in. As I write, it's raining pretty steady, and the forecast calls for on-and-off showers all day. Might be a long one.