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Lip Man 1
09-13-2003, 04:02 PM
This week in The Sporting News print edition, the White Sox are the featured story starting on page 10. The story is written by former Sun Times Chicago sports guy Dave Van Dyke.

The headline is entitled: “The Path Of Most Resistance.” The sub headline is called: “The White Sox have the sluggers and the starters to run away from the rest of the A.L. Central, but they don’t do anything the easy way...”

I’m posting some of the better quotes in the story for discussion and educational purposes.

“With the White Sox, what you see isn’t always what you get. Part paragon, part paradox. That’s the 2003 White Sox.. On paper in spring the best team in the American League Central. On pace at midseason to finish with 78 victories.”–Van Dyke

“This team’s motto seems to be, never do things the easy way if you can find a more difficult option.” – Van Dyke.

“With the team we have, we should lead this division by 10 games.”–Magglio Ordonez.

“It is an emotional club. And emotional teams have their ups and downs. It isn’t Jerry Manuel’s fault . It’s just the make up of the club.”– an opposing general manager.

“It’s a funny team. They’ve got a very strong offensive club to the point of having a lot of DH-type guys. But their bullpen is a concern. They don’t have good speed, and they don’t play very good defense. What really worries me is that they don’t have the bullpen that a real good team should have. ”–MLB scout.

“I thought the White Sox had the most talent, but the other two (Kansas City and Minnesota) play the game better.”– an opposing general manager.

“The White Sox do the big things (hitting home runs) well, but they do the little things ( running the bases and moving runners over) poorly. Thought their defense has the 3rd fewest errors in the league, the statistics don’t show the missed cutoff men and the balls that fall out of reach of slow fielders.”– Van Dyke.

“Statistically nothing wows you about this team.”–Van Dyke

“Every team has deficiencies and trying to get the perfect team is tough when you’re not breaking the bank with payroll .”–Sox GM Kenny Williams.

“We chose to look at ourselves in the front office in the mirror. We felt we must take the responsibility. So we tried to get better.”– Williams.

“Yet even during the period the White Sox have been most successful there have been strains at their seems. Manuel criticized Thomas for saying he was trying to hit home runs and he angered starter mark Buehrle by refusing to pitch him at Yankee Stadium after saying he would.”–Van Dyke.

“We know that you can play well for months and then have one bad week spoil things, especially at this time of year.”– Paul Konerko.

“Everybody likes the talent that we have on the team but that doesn’t mean we are going to win.”–Konerko

“But for this team , the priority should be to stop procrastinating and start playing to its talent level every day.”–Van Dyke.


09-13-2003, 04:22 PM
I think our bullpen is very interesting because our top 2 guys (Gordon and Marte) are very dominant. Sullivan can be dominant but also bad. Wunsch sometimes cant find the plate, but if he can he pitches very well. Schoenweis has improved from when he arrived here, but is still not great. Koch should be a specialist. Adkins is not someone we should even be pitching. If the starter gives us 6 innings, we're in great shape, but if he only gives us 4 or 5 or less, we're in deep sh**.