View Full Version : Report from Boston (Day 1)

Foulke You
09-13-2003, 12:39 PM
Greetings WSI faithful from Beantown. I decided to give a "report from the field" and let everyone know what is happening here at the "front". I'm posting this from a public internet terminal in Quincy Market. Last night's game was as brutal and painful in person as I'm sure it was on TV. Let me hit on a few things first:

Fenway Park Improvements:

The new "Big Concourse" is actually quite nice. They used the existing outer structure and turned what I think used to be an employee enclosed parking area into a Comiskey like mini-concourse with food stations and picnic tables. It also connects the bleacher section to the rest of the park which is nice. The new Green Monster seats are apparently the hardest to come by. It is harder to track the ball over the wall because the seats are the same color as the wall. In BP, I would watch the reaction of the fans up there to see where the ball was going to land.

The Game:

What the heck was that crap? 12 walks? Dan Wright should not be starting. Can you say 4 man rotation? I watched Danny in the bullpen and knew it was going to be a long night. Carl Everett was tatooing the ball all over Fenway during BP. He even hit one that bounced off the Sports Authority billboard above the monster seats which drew some "ooooohhhs" from the crowd. I wasn't too surprised to see him carry that over into the game. Btw, Carl gets booed viciously every time he comes to the plate.

Random Thoughts:

The Boston media is taking their usual arrogant stance that the Wild Card is all but theirs for the taking. At least the Boston Globe had a good headline this morning "Charity Begins At Home" and a picture of Paulie missing Dan Wright's pick off attempt. Last night was indeed charity.

New England fans are knowledgable but very east coast centric. I had to explain to a few guys what date we got Scott Schoenweis (they thought he was still an Angel) and why Konerko's average was so much lower than last year. Also, Boston fans have a strange fascination with the Neil Diamond song "Sweet Caroline". The whole park was singing it in the 6th inning when it came on the loudspeaker. :?: I guess you have to be a New Englander to understand that. :D: Jason Veritek is referred to as "Tek" in Boston so it is quite annoying to here "C'mon Tek!!" everytime he comes to the plate.

There were lots of White Sox fans in attendance last night. Many more than there were here last year. Don't know if that was reflected in the telecast but we were there. I just wish we had more to cheer about. :(:

That's it for now folks. I gotta run. I'll be on the 3rd base side tonight near home plate about 25 rows up. Look for the guy and gal in the Ordonez and BP White Sox jerseys. My girlfriend and I will try to bring back a win tonight.