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09-12-2003, 04:22 PM
Manuel needs to go or at least be demoted.

09-13-2003, 09:03 AM
Here's an example:

Since the WHITE SOX travelled to NY a lot has gone right with the team. Our front-line rotation has been every effective at holding the SOX in close games & COLON has emerged has the ace we expected when KW made the trade.

The offensive continues to provide adequate runs to win each & every game.
Thomas, Konerko, Maggs, Lee, Everett, & Crede are finding their spots to drive in runs. Over this span the SOX have cut down considerably on LOB numbers. A statistic that plagued them in the 1st half.

Summing it all up the bread & butter players have continued to produce at a level for the SOX to win the division.

But a gremlin with mighty power has derailed the momentum time & again. This gremlin goes by the name of Jerry Manuel & has manager of the SOX he is afforded the opportunity to tinker with every aspect of this team on game day.

He used to go by the name of the Tinkerer because he loves to tinker with the lineup, the rotation, & the bench.
For the most part the SOX players have been able to overcome his tinkering. But since NY he's taken on a whole new persona: momentum killer.

He can argue all he wants about his reasons for not starting Buerhle in NY, but clearly now it was the most crucial decision in this season. Momentum & emotions play a big part in professional sports. How else do you explain what CLE is doing now vs early in the season? They are on a roll. They have confidence & they have momentum. That makes them play better than they really are.

If Buerhle wins a very winnable start in NY based on how the offense banged out the runs in that series then SOX fans we have lift off. How many times are the NYY swept in NY? Very few. How much of a statement does it make to MLB & the ALC? It's huge. MIN & KC were all but decimated by NY in NY. What is the likelihood that momentum is carried into DET and the SOX bats remain on fire? It's very likely. Look of big series in the history of MLB & more often then not a winning streak follows.

If the players are not able to overcome the Momentum Killer then this is the game all SOX fans should look to as the one that changed the tide.


09-13-2003, 09:29 AM
I'm just to angry to stop there. Here's another:

The Chi-SOX are taking it to the Twinks & Colon shows why he's the best in the ALC. After an impressive CG 117 pitch power outing by Bart on Monday, Buerhle follows with a dominating 2R, 6ip performance & on comes Sullivan with a 4-2 lead. Sully gets the job done & the SOX pulverize the Twinks taking an 8-2 lead into the 8th. Everything is coming up roses in this game for the SOX.

But then the momentum killer strikes again. It's debateable whether Schow should have replaces Sully after he gave up 1 walk. But it's still a reasonable choice. However; the Twinks did show life in the 8th loading the bases.

So what does the momentum killer do in the 9th? Stages a tryout for Paniagua.
His stupidity knows no bounds, but with an 8-2 lead it's not beyond reason. However; it is a tryout & we are facing the Twinks so common sense dictates have some warming up & ready to come in if the tryout threatens the momentum built in the 8th win MIN failing to score with bases loaded.

What does Paniagua do? He gives up a double & a triple. 8-3 SOX nobody out.
What does the momentum killer do? Leaves him out there. The tryout completely derails the game as another single & a walk has Gordon coming in with 1 out & 1 on in an 8-4 game. I'm sure many of you know the rest. MIN lost with the tying run at the plate & a man on 3rd. Talk about a momentum killer! Instead of facing the lethal Santana having pulverized the Twinks on Tues, we are left feeling like we barely escaped Tues with the win & believe me when I tell you that the Twinks lineup knew it.

Needless to say, the momentum shift that occured in the 9th in Tues game carried the Twinks offense through the rest of the series. They went on to outscore the SOX 9-3, and evened the series. Everyone was well aware of what was at stake in this series. But for reasons beyond normal human comprehension the momenutum killer felt now was the time for a tryout. Given the fact that Paniagua was sent packing after his demise it did far more harm than any expected good.

09-13-2003, 10:19 AM
I've even got a title now for these rants.
Perhaps it's time for a new thread.

CHI-SOX vs BO-SOX 2003 pre-post season
playoffs. Game 1 in Boston's historic Fenway park. The crowd is electric & the national audience is on pins & needles as the first of a 3 gm series that could decide the post-season aspirations of either club gets under way.

Pitching for the BO-SOX is Jeff Suppan. Acquired from the Mets before the deadline, Jeff has won 6 of his last 10 starts coming off of an impressive 2 run, 7 ip effort in NY. Pitching for the CHI-SOX is Danny Wright. Danny's not pitched more than 5 innings in is coming off of a less than stellar 2 run, 5 hit, 5 ip effort in Chicago vs the Tribe. Coming off a 2 game losing streak in a spot which demands a stopper Jerry Manuel decides to go with his weakest starter who is not expected to last 5 innings.

Suddenly a debate surfaces from the announcers booth to the studios at ESPN. Should the SOX go with a 4 man rotation & start COLON this game? Hawk, DJ, & the analysts at ESPN all say yes. It's do or die time whether Manuel wishes to believe this or not. The time for spot starts & tryouts is over. So the consensus going into the game is that Manuel has made the wrong call. Common sense would dictate that if everyone believes you made the wrong call get someone up in the bullpen at the first sign of trouble.

It appears everyone was right & Manuel as usual was wrong. Facing the toughest lineup in all of MLB Wright struggled big time. He couldn't find the K zone to save his life. He barely escaped the 1st. How bad was it? Fourteen of his first 18 pitches missed the zone. Now Danny's track record has always been hit or miss. There's been few times where he's been in between. Yet for reasons that defy baseball intelligence Manuel refuses to have someone beginning warming in the top of the 2nd when the SOX are up.

We go to the 2nd inning. Eight of Danny's next 12 pitches miss the zone.
He walks 2, nobody out. Jerry decides to get someone up in the bullpen. While that person is warming up, Danny goes on to give up 2 singles & a walk. Danny leave the game with base loaded nobody up and Boston ahead 2-1. Needless to say you give the BO-SOX that kind of an opportunity they will make you pay. A throwing error by Valentin adds yet another run & the BO-SOX leave the 2nd ahead 4-1.

That never should have happened.
Schoeneweis should have been warming in top of the 2nd & should have replaced Danny after he walked 2.
Based on how effective Schow it's reasonable to say he gets out of the inning surrendering at most 1 run.

Let's move to the 4th. With 2 out, Schow gives up a single & a walk. History dictates in a playoff game you replace the arm in that situation. Especially when they arm has recorded 8 outs. Jerry leaves him in & Schow gives up another single making it 5-3.
Koch enters & throw one pitch to end the inning.

We go to the 5th. Koch misses the zone 14 out of his next 19 pitchers. Perhaps someone should tell Jerry you have to throw strikes to pitch in MLB. For reasons the defy baseball logic Jerry leaves Koch in. Someone should have been warming up after Koch walked Ortiz. Koch misses the zone 8 out the next 10. Koch leaves the 5th have missed the zone 22 out of 29 pitches, giving up 4 walks. Wunsch comes on & walks Johnny Damon before recording the 3rd out. BO-SOX lead 7-3.

The damage had been done. The momentum killer that diffused the series with the Twinks turned out to be be Boston's best weapon on Friday night.
It's debateable whether Wright should have started. It's inexcusable to leave both Wright & Koch in long enough to cause that much damage when they clearly couldn't find the zone. I wanted the newly crowned momentum killer fired when he was causing havoc as the tinkerer. I joined WSI because I just couldn't hold it in any more. If any of you still support what is arguably the worst game day manager in all of MLB you need to seek professional help. Being a nice guy does not a MLB manager make.

09-13-2003, 10:40 AM
Hello all. I am new to WSI. I simply can't take it any more. When the season is over I am going to go through the game logs & pitch by pitch to illustrate to you how many of the SOX 69 losses were the result of Jerry Manuel being the "pick-to-click" for the opposition.

I have nothing but high praises for KW & the players. Sure Koch has been a Ritchie like bust, but as we learned last yr it's better the bust be a reliever than a starter. You can find an adequate replacement for a bust reliever. It's much harder for a guy slated #2 in the rotation.

I'm going to say something that some of you will shake your head & might say "no way" but I assure you when you read the facts at the end of the season they will speak for themselves. No manager has been more detrimental to his team than Jerry. If you simply replace the manager on the SOX this year with the manager of any contender in either the NL or AL the SOX are not just leading the division but they are leading the wild card race. There's even a chance they are leading the AL.

I kid you not. Jerry's momentum killing tinkering has led to more than 10 SOX losses. The worst mistake KW made was keeping him on this long. He should have fired him after the team lost > 30 gms after the Arizona series.
The SOX had lost 13 of 19 in that stretch & Jerry played a roll in quite a few of those loses. That is why this season has been so difficult to bear. Despite having superior talent to most teams the SOX continued to lose because Jerry doesn't know how to manage a contender. With the talent on this team, Valentine or any of the other potential candidates at the time could have taken this team to the wild card top. Especially after the brilliant trades KW made near the break.

So I implore KW to demote Manuel in his duties. He can remain manager until the end of the season but give full power over the pitchers to Cooper. The SOX can overcome Jerry's tinkering with the lineup, but not on the mound.

09-13-2003, 10:59 AM
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09-14-2003, 11:52 AM
Jerry gets a repreive today thanks to Colon. His 117 pc puts the kabosh on the 4th man rotation but considering it was a tight game vs the ML's best lineup & the SOX were desperate to stop the losing streak you can't really fault the man for sticking with Colon.

Looking ahead MIN apparently is taking CLE serious.

Palido is out. Milton is in.
The SOX will dodge the lethal Santana at the metrodome.

M Garland vs Radke
T E-LO vs Rogers
W Colon vs Lohse

I predict the SOX will go with Colon vs Lohse, & seek to pull Colon early.

The KC series will feature:
Wright, Buehrle, Garland

The NY series will feature:
E-LO, Colon, Wright

The final KC series:
Buehrle, Garland, E-LO, Colon/???

If the win is not needed a spot starter in place of Colon.

Buehrle will open the post-season.

09-14-2003, 12:00 PM
Originally posted by freddyvsjason
M Garland vs Radke
T E-LO vs Rogers
W Colon vs Lohse

First of all, the games are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Secondly, JM switched Garland and Loaiza to give us the best shot at that all-important road series game one win.

Here's a link (http://www.suntimes.com/output/sox/cst-spt-ssep13.html)

Also, you will notice on the headline that Loaiza will not pitch against the Yankees because of the switch. Some on this board will surely criticize the move, saying that every game is important, including the ones against the Yankees. This is true, but if we lose the series to the Twins, we're all but done, IMO. Good switch, Jerry. I also must point out that I suggested it last week. :D:

09-14-2003, 02:02 PM

T E-LO (4 days rest) vs Radke
W Garland (5 days rest) vs Rogers
R Colon (4 days rest) vs Lohse
F Buehrle (4 days rest) vs KC

S is when we find out of Jerry has balls.
The switch allows Jerry to start the 4 man rotation with E-LO if the race dictates it.

4 man rotation:
S E-LO vs KC
S Garland vs KC

You skip Danny's start vs NY.
Going on 3 days rest for all 4, you want Danny in reserve in case any of them run into trouble. Danny has been very effective in that role.

M Colon vs NY
T Buehrle vs NY
W E-LO vs NY
R Garland vs KC
F Colon vs KC
S Buehrle vs KC
S E-LO/spot vs KC

end reg seasons, off day
start of post-season

T E-LO/Garland vs Hudson @ OAK