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09-13-2003, 08:09 AM
Fans and players like to talk about destiny and the little things that make a difference. Well, I think the Sox are a team of destiny. Some may laugh or cry or desire to punch me in the face for saying so, but no matter how many things go wrong, they just keep clinging to first place.

Walk 12 men including 3 with the bases loaded in a game they lose by 3? Still in first.

Play corpseball for two days against their main division rival? Still in first.

Lose a couple of games to Boston by 1-run apiece? Still in first.

Have a manager who trots out bad relievers and headcase 5th starters after babbling on about the importence of games and going to a 4-man rotation? Still in first.

Play a much tougher schedule than the Twinkies this past month? Still in first. In fact it was during this stretch when they took over first.

Go through another team hitting slump? Still in first.

This division is there for the taking. I think at the end of the season, the Sox will be right where they currently are. Still in first...

09-13-2003, 08:17 AM
The Sox will come through.