View Full Version : Arvia On Gardenhire

Lip Man 1
09-11-2003, 12:03 PM
Phil Arvia has an interesting column talking about Twins manager
Ron Gardenhire today in the Daily Southtown.

Ron is EXACTLY the kind of manager that the Sox need but I was struck by his (Gardenhire's) comments on the payroll differences.

I got the sense he was saying the Sox had the larger one and should be 'expected" to win.

Ummmm..... sorry Ron, NO!

When the season started the TWINS had the larger payroll then the Sox (As Casey Stengel used to say "you can look it up"...)

The Sox payroll may be slightly above the Twins right now because of the additions but if so, it's not by much and remember the Twins took on an additional million when they traded for Shannon Stewert.

If Ron expects sympathy he's in the wrong place. It's Sox fans who should be getting sympathy because the owner keeps his payroll in the same ballpark as the Minnesota Twins, a team slated for contraction just two years ago!