View Full Version : Boston Road Trip/White Sox Fenway Series

Foulke You
09-04-2003, 04:41 PM
Any fellow WSIers going to be in Boston next week for the White Sox series? I think I remember Adsit saying he would be there. My girlfriend and I will be at all 3 games at Fenway from 9/12 to 9/14 and we are going to do our best to bring back a sweep from beantown. I leave this Saturday for Boston so I am going to miss '83 reunion day and the Twinks series :(: but it should be worth it to watch the South Siders on the road at Fenway. I went last year to Boston and brought back 2 out of 3 wins so I will try to improve on that. I think Colon, Buehrle, and everyone's favorite pitcher "Undecided" are going to pitch in that series. I will also be consuming large quantities of beverages at Boston Beer Works across from the park after the games. :gulp: I'll have to teach those Bostonians who the real "SOX" are!

I'll try to find an internet cafe or something so I can give on site "reports from the trenches" to WSI :smile: I also plan on posting some photos as well when I get back. Also, does anyone know what hotel the Sox stay at in Boston?