View Full Version : only positive vibes

09-04-2003, 03:19 PM
As I sat and ate lunch today at a local Orland Park eatery
I encountered a few beers and a Cub fan. We sat and watch
part of the Cub game. As we spoke I realized I don't hate all Cub fans. Just most of them. Coming from what we are encountering going into the last 23 games of the season I suggest only positive vibes, believe me when I say for both teams. If it takes the flubs going to the World Series for us to be in the World Series then I say I am all for it. Our 162 game season has boiled down to 23 games. I look for a 17-6 finish to wrap up the division title. But i will take what occurs as long as we win the division. As far as our crappy media coverage so be it. If we are still playing in the middle of October they just can't ignore us.