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08-30-2003, 06:49 PM
That's all we are, 16th best fans, according to the latest cockamamie ranking.

I stumbled across this on the internet, and just couldn't resist the chance to share it with you.


Of course, we all know who will rank number one, although at least they concede that some fans bring fake balls to throw back onto the field for home runs.

Now, I'm going to go off and regurgitate my dinner after reading this.

08-30-2003, 07:42 PM
The Expos had the worst. That's not surprising, considering that Quebec wants nothing to do with American sports.

08-30-2003, 08:34 PM
wow, that list was pretty cruddy, why are the mets 4th? do anyone actually go to their games anymore? same with the indians and the tigers

08-31-2003, 12:12 AM
At least they realize Cub fans throw back fake home run balls, but when will everyone realize that almost everyone at Wrigley is either a tourist or someone who has been brainwashed into thinking its the greatest place on earth and only pays attention when Sammy bats.