View Full Version : Lazy Umpire of the Week

08-18-2003, 08:50 AM
Definitely has to be Phil Cuzzi. Friday nights performance by
this guy was one of the worst Ive seen, since....well since a few
weeks ago. These umps for whatever reason, are obviously bringing their personal problems with them to the game. Its also obvious some of these guys have other things to do after the game, and seem to rush certain players, plays etc. That strike zone he had going for Ranger Pitching was ahem.....GENEROUS.
It was borderline comical watching every SOX hitter bark at Cuzzi after a pitch, and seeing each Players style of barking/disagreeing with the Ump. Now I know that play at 2nd, where the Ranger stole second, but was called Safe on a play that looked like he was out from certain camera angles, could have happened to anyone, but cmon, these umps really need to get on the ball. Everyone Here and Nationally know that LOIAZA has been AUTOMATIC for the Sox, and his CONTROL HAS BEEN IMPECCABLE. His Mixing of that changeup, and painting BOTH sides of the plate, have been his Bread and Butter this year, helping him to get ahead of batters. Of Course, Cuzzi Friday decided to Not call anything on the Corners for Esteban, and you could see him Getting Visibly Upset at this. Cooper actually went to the mound, and Cooper telling him to just cool off, dont be letting the ump get to him, and Loiaza mouthing the words "this is bullShi** ". That was nice to see, and made me feel better, because at this point, I now at least knew it wasnt me, or that the Sox just stank Friday....but the Ump just wasnt going to let us win that game. You and I know that Loiaza WASNT going to just throw that ball down the middle, so it could be HIT out for a homer, but what else was he supposed to do?
Why arent these guys ACCOUNTABLE? Wheres Bud ?

08-18-2003, 08:53 AM
and before anyone says "well you cant let the ump beat you"
yes.... but I also say to you " YES, YOU SURE CANT LET THE UMP BEAT YOU " I thought the Game was supposed to between the RANGERS and WHITE SOX, not the SOX vz. the UMPIRES

08-18-2003, 09:03 AM
Yeah Hangar, watching that guy was bad. The worst part about his zone was exactly the Texas' pitcher's strength. Davis(sp?) was throwing nothing but low breaking balls, which should have been called balls. But the Ump was callin them strikes thus forcing the Sox into chasing bad low pitches which usually results in two things, easy ground outs or badly missed swinging strikes. Loiaza's strength this year has been moving the ball around the strike zone and changing speeds. He lost tons of effectiveness and couldn't adjust to the ump's zone. If there was a game I would have like to seen Garland pitch this one was it.

Hey did that one guy who we ran into at BW3 show up? I totaly forgot his name. Also thanks for the wings Hangar, and it was nice to see Vodoo and Farmer Andy out there.

08-18-2003, 01:55 PM
Those umps on Friday made the Texas rookie pitcher look like Pedro. There is NO WAY that that guy gets 8+ strikeouts against the White Sox without help from the umps. That game was a total sham.

(Mrs. Aloha)