View Full Version : Jerry Surrenders

08-16-2003, 05:36 PM
Okay, I realize the chances on winning last night were minimal once the 9th inning came around, but I have a quesion/comment on the decision to go to showers with the bench still full of all of the possible pinch hitters on the team. The bottom of the order was coming up and one of the guys scheduled to bat was Miguel Olivo - who has looked terrible at the plate since the injury last week.

Why did Jerry let him bat? Why not shoot all the bullets in your holster and see if the team can generate some offense in the 9th inning? What does it say to the team that he didn't do it? Wasn't the game important enough to make every effort (no matter how small the odds) to win?

It isn't just the tinkering that bothers me about this man's managerial decisions, it is the entire way he approaches the motivational side of the game. His bullpen decisions are none to bright either...

08-16-2003, 06:13 PM
How about letting the umps squeeze the life out of your All-Star pitcher without as much as a peep. Now I am not saying that the Sox hitters weren't getting the same advantage (and wasting it) but when you have your ace on the hill and he has to start serving up meatballs, that is the time for the manager to stick up for him. If you don't, then you get shelled and have no chance, which is exactly what happened. I doubt the Sox would have won that game anyway but I think it was sad to see Loaiza get hung out to dry like that and have his manager take it lying down.

08-16-2003, 08:36 PM
I agree with both of you. Manuel has no clue when it comes to matters uch as this. The players must think that he doesn't give a damn about them, because he never fights for them. Back when Crede's home run was taken away in Baltimore, Manuel didn't do anything. He was probably sleeping again.

Then, when Maggs got his homer against Boston taken away by the SAME UMPIRE, Manuel still didn't do anything.

There are other examples as well. Both Frank and Magglio were drilled numerous times during the first half. Manuel did nothing. He did not order immiediate retaliation, nor did he say anything to the home-plate umpire about it. He just sat there and let his stars take a beating. Not smart.

Jerry Manuel is the worst manager I have ever seen. Period. I've seen several managers who were extremely knowlegable about how to run a ballclub, using different strategies, but didn't know the first thing about getting along with their players. I've also seen guys who were well-liked and respected by their players, but didn't know much about how to actually manage. Manuel doesn't fit into either of these categories, because he can't do anything right.