View Full Version : It's time to thank MLB Central Divison's

08-12-2003, 04:43 PM
For the past few years the worst divisions have been the AL/NL Central. This year the same goes. The best teams in the game are in the East and West. But think about this. The tighest races at the end of the year will be in the central. Sure there is the wild card, but that doesn't provide as much excitment (for a pure baseball fan) that the central division races will provide. Not only is there a battle being for a "division crown" but thanks to the unbalanced schedule these teams will be battleing their true rivals down the end...a lot of times. With the wild card all you can do is win your game and hope the person infront of you loses, but for central teams they will have the ability to battle the teams ahead of them and make their own destiny. I'm excited and say thank you...even though you may be playing poor baseball it's gonna be exciting to the bitter end.