View Full Version : Not to worry.

08-09-2003, 09:18 PM
Smart move by Manuel tonight to get his guys some rest for the rubber match tomorrow. Alomar's a vet, and he is hard core about getting that rest during those day/night back to back days. So, we'll definitely have him tomorrow to play a little small ball with E-Lo going against Harden. It sucks watching the boys lose, especially when the division rivals picked up wins, but we'll survive.
The bottom line for the rest of the year is this--- if we had a 10 game lead and lallygagged around for 3 or 4 weeks, we'd replay 2000 in the playoffs. If this team is going to make the playoffs, it's going to be done against worthy opponents, and they're going to have to be sharp to pull it off. That means that we would see a team hitting stride while entering the playoffs, and that's what you want. See Anaheim 2002.
I'd rather see this team miss the playoffs by a game than see them make the playoffs and get humiliated. If the Sox are going to make the playoffs this year with the tough schedule they face, they're going to be mentally put together for the big run once they get there.
I'd like to see the Sox win this series tomorrow, against a worthy opponent, and I'd rather see them win it 4-3 than 14-3. The win Friday was very big in regards to the fact that they did it playing playoff baseball. Defense, timely hitting, and good pitching. If the Sox can keep doing that, they're going to win baseball games. That didn't happen tonight, but tomorrow we'll see the main lineup again. These 15 run outbursts are cute and all, but that isn't what you deal with when it counts. Let's see if this team can "bow their necks up" and win a big series.