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08-07-2003, 10:40 AM
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08-07-2003, 12:29 PM
Dont think for a Second....that the other owners WERENT aware of this Scam the cubs were pulling. THEY KNEW. but in the MLB, theres only a few in the Big Dog Circle. Bud Selig, with his small market team, DOESNT Qualify for membership, so he sold himself out (not to mention his own fans) and started washing Jerry Reinsdorfs car, getting (then owner) Peter Omalleys laundry to the cleaners, Shining Steinbrenners shoes and carrying the Luggage and tipping out for all the Tribune Boardmembers and SUDDENLY, he becomes the "Commissioner" for a League that was supposed to be "actively seeking" a commissioner. Why would Selig step out Here and WristSlap the hands of the Cubs ? Because the Last time a REAL commissioner stepped out and Called Out Someone from the Big Dog Circle, the Cubs (notice how they are always in the middle of this?) got mad and got Fay Vincent Run Out of The League.
I still remember the excuse they came up with. Faced with the possibility of being Legitimately put in the then Western Division (and the eastern time zoned Reds, whose complaints were rightfully heard by the commissioner, be put in the Eastern Div)
The lovable (in media name) blue franchise was NOT going to have it. They Claimed they were about to LOSE Their "FAN BASE" and it would disturb their "LONGTIME RIVALRY WITH THE METS" (never mind that the mets and cubs became "rivals" in 1969, when division play began). I remember sheep/dumb cub fans saying yes,,,,they needed to stay east, or they would "lose the fan base". Does anyone know the real hidden reason? There always is when it comes to the CUBS. THEY DIDNT WANT TO HAVE TO CHARGE LESS PRIMETIME $$$$$$ for WGN broadcasts when they played their West Coast Games vs always having games start in PRIMTIME when their on the EAST COAST.
This isnt so lovable a franchise is it? Yet somehow...the MEDIA STILL COVERS THIS UP FOR THE CUBS.....they still love them....still give them credit and coverage For the Many Many World Series Won by this team in the 20th Century. Still laugh and Guffaw at all the inane and downright DUMB remarks made by Dusty "Moses" Baker. We all know what would happen had Manuel made those same comments.

08-07-2003, 02:46 PM
"Stupid Cub fans" is a redundancy