View Full Version : My encounter with Jeff Brantly

mike squires
08-06-2003, 10:11 PM
Last week I went to the dump they call Wrigley (it was a bus trip with my wife and sister and brother in law) After the game I saw Brantly (who was doing the game for ESPN) with his bags walking to the exit) I thought I'd chat it up with him. I asked who was gonna when the AL central. He said, "the Whitesox." I said your just saying that cause your in Chicago. He said, "I had them all along and said he had them going to the series. Then I think he said he switched it to Oakland when they got off to such a bad start. Kind of interesting.

A side note: Wrigley security sucks. With Sammy on deck I asked an old guy usher if I could get a pic of Sammy...he let me go all the way down to the brick wall only a few feet from him. I walked around to the other side underneath the tunnel and (I had to be more slick and got past two guards to get a pic right behind Barry during the game. I should have ran out onto the field with my Sox hat on... Although I'm complaining of the security, those should be two damn good pics...