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Viva Magglio
08-06-2003, 10:21 AM
...are leading to the predictable smear campaign against us White Sox fans. Just because a bunch of drillrods expoit the half-price night, get drunk, and get into fights, we are now being stereotyped as a backward culture from a primitive Third World country. :angry:

I am not saying this is not a problem, but the media is acting like our ballpark is the only sports venue on the planet at which such misbehavior takes place. The Sun-Times did a little blurb (http://www.suntimes.com/output/sox/cst-spt-ssep061.html) on this in today's paper. Sitting in their little Bourbonnais tent, Boers & Bernstein are now waging a smear campaign against us because of what happened.

Terry Boers has been calling us, as a people, "dopes" all morning. Dan Bernstein is saying "it's a matter of time before someone gets killed." I am somewhat surprised, perhaps naive, that these two are making paintbrush statements about us like this. The fighting drillrods do not represent rank-and-file White Sox fans.

And now, Bernstein is saying that the problems have been taking place at our ballpark are worse than what has happened with Bears crowds at Soldier Field or Cubs crowds at Wrigley Field. Now they are using other teams as weapons against us.

I cannot rant enough to express how sick and tired I am of this [language filter]. I swear to God I wish there was a way we White Sox fans could file a class action defamation lawsuit against the media for this nonsense.

08-06-2003, 10:36 AM
What the media chooses to ignore is the fact that this misbehavior really only happens when there is a big turnout at the park, when the turnout of casual fans is high. When the crowd is only 12,000 and there's nothing but die-hards at the park, there's no problems at all. I'm sure there are similar altercations that occur with the non-fans at Cubs games, but they seem to wait until they get outside the park before the fists start flying, and as such they don't get tagged as 'Cubs-related violence'. :angry:

08-06-2003, 10:40 AM
I completely agree. Why don't you hear about the arrests and fights which occur at every Bear game, the assualts and charges after Cub games in the Wrigleyville area???

Last night, there was one noticable fight in the upper-deck...that's it! Your have close to 50k people in one place, it's just a matter of simple arithmatic that a couple people who have had a few too many are not going to like each other.

The White Sox have one of the best promotions in ALL of sports with half priced night and the media is making it appear as though lunitics are fleeing the asylums and coming to the Cell.

I am so tired of this slandering reporting. As for Boers and Berstien, when is the last time either one of them went to a Sox game, or at least in the commoner's section. Ripping into the fanbase and the White Sox organization is completely absurd and un-called for.

Lastly, for all those so-called "sox fans" who can do nothing more than call into post game shows and whine about consession lines, people in different sections dropping f-bombs, and the steepness of the upper-deck - Get lost and shut-up. Go get a hot dog in between innings or wait for the vendor to come by. And as for cursing - walk around the block and you'll hear stuff flying - it is not pertained nor limited to Comiskey Park.

Alright - I'm done. :angry: :angry:

08-06-2003, 10:50 AM
Originally posted by ˇViva Mágglio!
I am not saying this is not a problem, but the media is acting like our ballpark is the only sports venue on the planet at which such misbehavior takes place.

That is exactly right. I went to game at Fenway a few years back. It was not even a big game, vs. the Tigers as a matter of fact. The crowd as pretty near capacity and I swear there must have been 25 fights in the bleachers. Not just scuffles, but police dragging guys away from each other and probably arresting them. This kind of thing happens at every park and its really a matter of security more than it is baseball.