View Full Version : Foulke eyes long term contract.

08-23-2001, 11:59 PM
From the Trib:
While recent talks about a contract extension led to a dead end, Keith Foulke's agent hopes to reopen negotiations after the season. Dan Horwits said Foulke would like to avoid a return to arbitration next winter.

"I think the White Sox are on the same page," Horwits said. "At the end of the season I hope we can sit down again and see if we can get a deal done."

Foulke beat the Sox in salary arbitration last winter, earning an increase to $3.1 million. With 33 saves in 36 chances, he's in position to seek more than twice as much if he returns to arbitration. The Sox, like many clubs, have been reluctant to pay closers large salaries.

Horwits said he rejected a two-year offer from general manager Ken Williams at midseason. He said Foulke would like a longer deal but the Sox have been reluctant to extend pitchers beyond two years. Bob Howry's recent contract extension is for two years with an option for a third season. No Sox pitcher has had a longer deal since Jaime Navarro signed a four-year contract before 1997.

Williams said Wednesday that Foulke appeared "very content" to go on a year-by-year basis.

"That's inaccurate," Horwits said. "We would like to get something done, but both sides felt uncomfortable going where the other side proposed. The hope is to pick up in the off-season."